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What To Look For In A Pre-school Teacher

What To Look For In A Pre-school Teacher

As parents, we want to afford our kids all the best in life. This includes the best and the safest school, especially for our little ones. Aside from the curricula, the programs offered, the location, and the facilities, we also look at the kind of pre-school teachers in determining which school to send our children to. We want to maximize our children’s rapid brain development but at the same time make sure that it is done in a nurturing environment. And it is the teachers who should facilitate for all these things to happen.

Here are qualities that we should look for:

1. Passion and Dedication
When someone is burning with passion on what she does, it shows in her actions and words. So we should be looking for teachers who have the heart in teaching especially young children. Children can indeed be so difficult to teach and even to tame especially in a classroom setting. But a zealous teacher who loves what she is doing will come to school everyday due to the upside and despite the downside of teaching in pre-school.

2. Talented and Imaginative
Kids in their most rapid development stage are very curious. They want to explore so much because they are capable of learning as much. So pre-school teachers should be talented enough to direct the children’s curiosity and attention in the right direction through activities that will allow them to discover new things and learnings. The simple activities of singing, dancing, doodling, or playing will already allow the kids to learn new things and keep their focus aright.

3. Adaptability
When dealing with kids, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. So a teacher must be able to adjust and adapt to the different personalities of the children under her watch. She must also understand that children will differ when it comes to mental capabilities so she has to be flexible enough to do necessary adjustments to lessons and activities she has previously prepared to suit everyone in the class.

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