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Time to Train the Spotlight towards Our Teachers and Caregivers

Time to Train the Spotlight towards Our Teachers and Caregivers

There are just a few early childhood and development schools that devote a portion of their websites to their teachers and caregivers.

Our beloved institution Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc., serving as preschool and child care centre Ritchie Highway Pasadena Maryland, is one of them.

We hold our teachers and caregivers in high esteem as they are the ones at the forefront of caring and molding the total personality of our students. They understand very well how children grow and learn. In so doing, we arm them with the proper trainings to improve their skills. We do it on a regular basis. They know how to plan activities and experiences to support learning for each age group.

Atmosphere at SPCCI
At our premier preschool, expect the following ambiance:

  • Our teachers and caregivers are respectful to children and help them solve problems.
  • Children feel safe and secure with our teachers and caregivers.
  • Children are read to on a daily basis by the teachers.
  • Teachers provide the children lots of opportunities to choose their own play activities.
  • Children are happy and explore actively using all of their senses.
  • Parents are invited to participate with their children often and we feel that they are important partners in their child’s early learning.

Parents of Our Students Agree

From the many tributes that we receive about our school, we pick out two that sum up the impressions of the others that recognize our efforts and thank us for a job greatly done:

“The teachers and staff are incredible – especially Ms. Sue, Ms. Tomecca and Ms. Lauren! We have always been impressed with the quality of care, instruction, and compassion the teachers show their students. Thank you for your help raising our little boy! We love SPCC! Thank you for all that you do!”

-Shawna B. (A Happy Full Time Working Mommy)

“SPCC has been a terrific care provider and learning environment for my two children. Being a mom who works full time outside of the home, it is nice to see the care and attention given to my children by the staff, and in turn the care my children give back with their daily hugs goodbye, which speaks to the level of comfort they feel at SPCC — and in turn eases the mind of mom while away!! Ladies, you both work hard and play hard and my hat is off to you for all you do, day in and day out, snow in or snow out —-Many thanks over and to anyone wondering if they should go with SPCC, the choice is easy, YES, MOST DEFINITELY!!!”

-Michele M.

Join hundreds of parents who find satisfaction and delight at the care and education that we’re giving to their active little tykes.

It’s easy to reach out to us. Our school is located in 144 Ritchie Highway, Pasadena, Maryland 21122 (view map & directions). Please drop by our place for a tour and consultation.

You can always call us at 410-647-3504. You may also send us a message through fax at 410-647-6530, via email at info@spcckids.com or through Facebook and Twitter.

How’s your experience with the current teachers and caregivers of your kids? Leave your reply to this query at the space provided below.

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