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Things You Should Do To Childproof Your House

Things You Should Do To Childproof Your House

The typical home is usually adult-accustomed. This means adults can work their way around well and looks very great in the adults’ eyes. However, having children is an aspect that needs a lot of work to do which childproofing it is the solution.

Childproofing your house means making your house safe for children to play around. Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc. is a reliable child care centre Ritchie Highway Pasadena Maryland aims to bring overall safety and guidance to your home. So, here are some important things you can do to prevent childhood injuries in each and every part of your house:

  • Mount child-resistant door handles especially for rooms that contain hazardous materials and exit doors.
  • Make sure that the curtains and blind cords are beyond your child’s reach or secured to the wall.
  • Place your furniture like chairs and others from windows that can be easily opened.
  • Put non-slip backing or carpeting under soft or loose mats/rugs to prevent trips and falls.
  • Unused toys should be kept in a plastic bin so no one in the house trips on them.
  • Make sure your toys have low to zero content of lead, carbon monoxide, and hazardous chemicals.
  • Detectors (smoke, carbon monoxide, etc.) should be placed around the house especially near sleeping areas.
  • Poisonous household products and other corrosive supplies should be safely and properly kept, out of sight and out of reach from food and children.
  • Pet food and water should also be stored away from the area that your child cannot access.
  • Dangerous houseplants that are not child-friendly should be out of their reach.
  • Make a list of different emergency contact numbers close to the phone.
  • Electrical outlets should be placed with safety covers when not in use.
  • Dangling electrical wires will attract the baby’s attention. Put it away from baby’s eye level.
  • Put barriers around dangerous areas like fireplaces, space heaters, wood stoves. This should be at least 22 inches off the floor.
  • Gates with vertical bards made of metal/wood should be fixed securely to studs in the wall to make sure they do not get through the stairways.
  • Keep sharp and pointy objects (i.e. skewers, knives, scissors) in a latched drawer or somewhere that is out of their reach.
  • Maintain a fire extinguisher, non-slip placemats, and hook-and-eye latch on the outside of the door for overall safety.
  • Toilet lid should also be latched, diaper pail should be tightly closed, and keep all cleaning products, medications, personal products and tools (i.e. shampoo, curling iron, hairdryer, shaving equipment, make-up, etc.) for safe storage.
  • Exercise equipment should be out of a room where your baby plays.
  • Their crib should be check regularly for loose fittings
  • Nightlights are not recommended in the baby’s crib or change table.
  • Have age-appropriate toys and they should not be in the crib at all times.

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