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Preschool in Pasadena Maryland

For Two to Three Year-Olds

This program will help your child develop the basic skills in the five main areas of development, as well as potty training your two-year-old.

kidsCognitive Development

  • Following simple instructions and requests, such as “Please bring me the toy.”
  • Beginning to understand the consequences of his or her own actions.
  • Saying a few nursery rhymes.
  • Spending time naming things & what they do.

Social and Emotional Development

  • Exploring the environment around them.
  • Expressing one’s feelings.
  • Learning to help others.
  • Developing skills needed for independence.

Speech and Language Development

  • Interacting with adults and peers.
  • Participating in circle time and incorporating stories and songs that encourage language skills.
  • Weekly exposure to letters, numbers, shapes and colors through different types of instruction and play.

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development

  • Pasting, painting, coloring.
  • Holding a spoon and manipulating small toys and objects.
  • Turning and pointing to pages on a book.
  • Jumping, running.
  • Balancing and musical movement.