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Nursery School

We are Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Approved and we provide programs for Three to Four-Year-Olds in our classes.

The purpose of the Nursery program is to provide the following:

  • A comfortable setting where each child feels safe and loved.
  • A setting for each child to develop his/her potential physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.

It is necessary to make the Nursery Program inviting for a child who is still trying to adjust to a new environment. The teachers also provide the following:

  • An inviting environment with exploratory experiences.
  • Opportunities for language practice and use of imagination.
  • Chance to explore through the use of senses.
  • Guidance through change.
  • Sense of pride and accomplishment within each child.
  • MSDE teachers hold a Bachelors Degree