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8 Essential Things for Choosing a Playground

8 Essential Things for Choosing a Playground

A playground should be a kid-glove and kid-safe place for recreation. However, solid-hard surfaces and trips/falls still concern parents. Playground injuries are often caused by falling, getting caught in or cut by a certain playground equipment especially when it is not regularly well cared for. Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc., a quality child care centre Ritchie Highway Pasadena Maryland, exactly knows what you need to look out for whenever your child is frolicking in the playground:

1. Age-appropriate equipment
Most playgrounds are safe for children’s use. However, age differences still create certain limitations due to a toddler’s incapability. You have to make sure that the structure they are at or they are playing around are right your child’s age and stage of development.

2. Doable on his/her own
You, as parents, would feel more comfortable and relaxed if they can play on their own instead of guiding them while playing. Then, you should choose a playing equipment that your child can reach, climb, or do on his own.

3. Proper surfaces
Slips and falls are the top causes of playground injuries. The playing area should be shock-absorbent like sand, soft wood chips, and other synthetic man-made materials for child-proofing which are usually soft. Always remember that dirt, grass, asphalt or concrete are hazardous surfaces for any playground equipment.

4. Durability
The playground you choose for your children should be regularly maintained and well cared for. If they plan to do the monkey bars or the slide, make sure the handrails are strong and there are safety barriers in areas that could possibly lead to a fall without them.

5. Stability
You do not want to see your child fall from falling equipment, right? There are some cases that the stability of such playground equipment is not on a good condition. This happens when parts of the equipment fail to do their job or the whole equipment is not firmly anchored in the ground. Make sure these are all intact and bolted properly.

6. Cleanliness and tidiness
Your child deserves a clean and tidy playing environment. Make sure there is no broken glass, animal feces, or garbage on or around the equipment they are using. This aspect also matters so much that this should affect your first impressions of a playground. A good child care centre Ritchie Highway Pasadena Maryland knows exactly what this means.

7. Child-proofed materials
If concrete are unsafe surfaces for a child to play on, the playing equipment should also be child-proofed like the swings should be made of plastic or other soft-material. Make sure each equipment has the child-appropriate by design as well.

8. Right clothing
When they are playing out in the winter season, make sure they are in the right attire during their playtime. Make sure their shoes are all tied up or choose footwear that does not need shoelaces when they play. Also, a neck warmer and mitten clips are good for children during the winter months.

If you think you feel safe and secured with our knowledge on child care, do not wait for another minute to call us! Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc. is a long-trusted child care centre Ritchie Highway Pasadena Maryland for your kids!

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